Landowners can get grants to plant trees in Northern Ireland

GOSFORD Forest Park in Armagh is yet again hosting the Rare Breed Show and Carolyn will be there to meet people who are applying to get grants to plant trees through the Forestry Expansion Scheme.

Just to recap – the scheme allows people with five hectares or more to apply for a government grant for a new woodland to be planted.

The grant is up to 100 per cent funded and attracts an annual income of up to £425 for 10 years and can be in addition to Single Farm Payments.

Tomorrow’s Rare Breed show (Saturday, September 2) is always a busy time for Carolyn because the deadline is ticking for applications to be submitted.

The deadline for applications is September 29 so if your application isn’t submitted by then you will have to wait another year.

So where does IndiWoods come in? Essentially Carolyn fills out the application on behalf of landowners which includes a five year management plan and full costings.

It’s literally that easy.

You may have seen IndiWoods in the media recently because, after many successful applications and grants secured, Carolyn was celebrating reaching a major milestone of planting one million trees in Northern Ireland.

She has secured Forest Service funding and Woodland Trust funding for private clients right across Northern Ireland.

IndiWoods aims to plant native Irish seed source where possible and our trees are Irish sown and grown.

So many people have done such amazing things with their land from creating glamping sites, growing fuel as an alternative to burning fossil fuels, grow timber, store carbon, they earn income from their land, and people have created new habitats for owls, otters, birds, mammals and deer and much more.

Tomorrow, Carolyn will be at the IndiWoods stand at the Rare Breed Show at Gosford to talk directly to landowners from 9am to 4pm. It’s a great family day out and so come along and meet us.

The event is organised by the Rare Breed Survival Trust Northern Ireland Support Group.

Remember, the deadline is September 29. The clock is ticking. If you want to secure a grant to plant trees in Northern Ireland then come along and have a chat to Carolyn.

See you at Gosford!