Celebrating National Tree Week 2023 with IndiWoods

Celebrating National Tree Week 2023 with IndiWoods

Indiwoods are celebrating National Tree Week – the UK’s largest annual tree celebration. It marks the start of the tree planting season when millions of trees are planted.

As the days get colder and shorter, our trees become dormant. They are ready to be picked by the nurseries and dispatched throughout the country to create new woodlands.

IndiWoods will be planting many exciting native woodlands throughout Northern Ireland this winter. All of these consist of native Oaks (both Sessile and Robur), Downy and Silver Birch, Alder, Rowan, Wild Cherry, Hazel, Crab Apple, Hawthorn, Willow and Scots Pine.

Indiwoods Celebrating Our Trees During National Tree Week

This mixture of native species offers a beautiful long-term woodland with maximum environmental benefits. All of which can suit and tolerate our soil conditions and climate. One species in particular, the mighty Oak, can live to be over 1000 years old. It can nurture over 2300 wildlife species during its lifespan. It provides vital spaces for food, shelter and shade for our wildlife.

“Trees and hedgerows are among the most natural assets we have in the fight against climate change. The great news is we can all make a difference. We have experienced mild winters, wet springs and red-hot summers in recent years. Trees are one of our best solutions to this. Our trees and forests lock up carbon, reduce surface water runoff to help prevent flooding, filter harmful air pollution, produce oxygen and provide that all-important shade. Not to mention provide us with a beautiful landscape and countryside in which to walk and enjoy, increasing our health and happiness,” says Carolyn Trimble, Director of IndiWoods.

Celebrating National Tree Week – Native Trees Available To Buy From Indiwoods

IndiWoods Tree Shop is NOW OPEN.  Go to www.indiwoods.com/indiwoods-shop for your requirements for the Forest Service Small Woodland Grant Scheme and Forest Expansion Scheme, including native trees, hedging, tree guards and canes.

Reserve your stock to ensure supply. Delivery throughout Northern Ireland. Make this winter the year you plant your woodland.