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Welcome to IndiWoods.

We specialise in securing funding for farmers and landowners throughout Northern Ireland, we can guide you through the grant process and create your woodland for you.

We work directly with Irish Nurseries to supply you with native Irish trees where possible, we have a dedicated team who can plant your woodland and we have an online Tree Shop where you can buy trees and tree guards to plant your own woodlands.

We can also help you register your project for Carbon Credits with the Woodland Carbon Code.

Most woodlands in Northern Ireland are created with the support of the DAERA Forest Service funding and this year we have two grants to chose from.

To help you, here is a brief run down of each one:

For both schemes you must have a DAERA Business ID number.  If you don’t, go to DAERA online services and download form FB1. Your local DAERA office will be able to help you.

Forest Expansion Scheme (FES)
  • Competitive Bid - application to be submitted to 31st August Deadline
  • Minimum area 3 ha in one block  - no upper limit
    Up to 100% grant funding including establishment and maintenance
  • Annual income for 10 years on agricultural land
    In addition to Single farm payments if eligible
  • Up to 20% open space allowed
    Fencing paid at £6 per metre
  • Application is scored against certain criteria and assessed by a panel in Autumn 2022 for value for money
Small Woodland Grant Scheme (SWGS)
  • On line application via Gov Gateway
  • Minimum area 0.2 ha - no upper limit
  • Set rate of £2340 per ha to establish the woodland paid in year 1
  • Set rate of £585 per ha to maintain the woodland paid in year 5
  • Native woodlands only
  • Fencing paid at £6 per metre
  • Must have Government Gateway Access Codes
  • Annual income of set rate £350 per ha for 10 years
  • In addition to Single Farm Payments if eligible

If you are unsure which scheme is right for you, contact Carolyn at

For more information on the schemes, go to The Process.

IndiWoods is a registered Project Developer with the Woodland Carbon Code and can register your project for you.

IndiWoods is a registered Project Developer with the Woodland Carbon Code and can register your project for you.

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