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Tree Shop Now Open for 2023/24 season

Welcome to IndiWoods

IndiWoods woodland consultancy is owned and managed by Carolyn Trimble. With over 20 years of experience in creating native woodlands and securing funding for farmers and landowners throughout Northern Ireland, Carolyn and her team are very proud to have planted over 2 million native trees, each woodland with its own story.

As the days get colder and the trees shed their leaves, we are getting busy behind the scenes preparing for the tree planting season, the most exciting time of the year for us when we get to create more beautiful woodlands.

IndiWoods works directly with Irish Nurseries to supply you with native Irish trees where possible. We have a dedicated team who can plant your woodland for you and an Online Tree Shop where you can buy trees and tree guards to plant your own woodlands.

TREE SHOP – One Stop Shop!

Our Tree Shop is NOW OPEN for all of your native trees, tree guards and canes (perfect for SWGS and FES). We deliver throughout NI or you can collect from our Armagh depot at your convenience.  We advise pre-ordering your trees to reserve stock as we are still faced with disruption to tree supply and minor species can quickly run out. For any orders outside NI, please email your shopping list to for a delivery price.

IndiWoods Planting

If you would like IndiWoods to plant your woodland for you, just send over the FES or SWGS contract map and specification, and we will be in touch with you to confirm prices and timescale. Send all info to:

Self Planting

If you would like to plant your woodland yourself, then IndiWoods can supply everything you need, from trees, tree guards and canes, fencing and, of course, advice on how to do it.  IndiWoods Tree Shop is now taking pre-orders - confirm when you would like the trees delivered, or you can collect and we can help you get organised.

Carolyn’s Top 1O Tips For The Planting Season

If you are among the many hundreds of applicants who have applied for the Small Woodland Grant Scheme or the Forest Expansion Scheme, you will be eagerly awaiting the arrival of your Letter of Offer, which is starting to pop into your email/post boxes any day now. But the process can be daunting for those who have not done this before – so what happens now?

Carolyn Trimble, Director of  lndiWoods woodland consultancy, responsible for planting over 250,000 native trees every season throughout NI, shares her Top 10 Tips to make the planting season run as smoothly as possible:

  1. Carefully read through the offer letter and check the map, ensuring you have applied for the correct area and length of fencing.
  2. Accept the offer letter online; you only have 14 days to do this, or it will expire.
  3. If you are going to plant the land yourself, order your trees and tree guards now to ensure supply. Trees are sold in bundles of 50, so round up or down accordingly.
  4. Rabbits or hares on your land? Protect your trees with guards, which also offer protection from spraying and the elements and boost your trees.
  5. Weeding the trees: whether spot-spraying, hand­weeding or mulching, the Forest Service will expect the trees to be weeded when they inspect them.
  6. Think design: plan your access tracks, meandering paths, views, power cables/services, neighbours and open glades if required. You will only plant it once!
  7. Site preparation: keep your grass grazed as long as possible to ensure the vegetation is low before planting. Top rushes, etcetera, whilst the ground is dry.
  8. Fencing: prepare where this is to go and think of access for machinery in wet weather. Book your fencer in early to ensure supply of labour and materials.
  9. Don’t forget to claim your grant on your SAF form in May. Keep all invoices and receipts, as you will need proof of payment for the grant.
  10. Alternatively, email your SWGS agreement, including a map, to , and lndiWoods will manage the whole project, including planting the land, for you.
Top Tips for SWGS
  • Ensure your grass is grazed low or topped prior to planting.
  • Clear any rushes or gorse from 1st September onwards before planting as it is will be difficult to do this afterwards.
  • Fence before planting if possible


For advice or more information contact

We can also help you register your project for Carbon Credits with the Woodland Carbon Code.

IndiWoods is a registered Project Developer with the Woodland Carbon Code and can register your project for you.

IndiWoods is a registered Project Developer with the Woodland Carbon Code and can register your project for you.



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