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We specialise in securing funding for farmers and landowners throughout Northern Ireland, we can guide you through the grant process and create your woodland for you.

We work directly with Irish Nurseries to supply you with native Irish trees where possible, we have a dedicated team who can plant your woodland and we have an online Tree Shop where you can buy trees and tree guards to plant your own woodlands.

The Forest Expansion Scheme and Small Woodland Grant Scheme have now closed for new applications and will re open Summer 2023.

Applied for a grant what happens now?
SWGS – How it Works

Submitted your SWGS application on-line – what now?

The Forest Service will be processing all SWGS applications over September and October so check your emails for a Letter of Offer.  Once you get this, check it is what you applied for and Accept the offer in your Government Gateway portal.  You only have 14 days to accept this so don’t miss it otherwise it will expire.

Important Timescales
  • SWGS Offer letters should be issued by email September to November 2022
  • 14 days only to Accept the Offer Letter – once accepted then work can start – Offers are accepted on your Gov Gateway Portal.
  • Planting season starts November / December when bare root trees become available
  • All work to be completed and paid for by 15th May 2023
  • Claim your SWGS on the SAF form

You have the option for IndiWoods to plant your land for you or you can do this yourself.

IndiWoods Planting

If you would like IndiWoods to plant your woodland for you, just send over the contract map and specification and we will be in touch with you to confirm prices and timescale. Send all info to

Self Planting

If you would like to plant your woodland yourself then IndiWoods can supply everything you need from trees, tree guards and canes, fencing and of course, advice on how to do it.  IndiWoods Tree Shop will be taking orders from mid September so you can ensure you have everything ready to plant your own woodland.  Just confirm when you would like the trees delivered or you can collect and we can help you get organised.

Top Tips for SWGS
  • Ensure your grass is grazed low or topped prior to planting.
  • Clear any rushes or gorse from 1st September onwards before planting as it is will be difficult to do this afterwards.
  • Fence before planting if possible

For advice or more information contact

We can also help you register your project for Carbon Credits with the Woodland Carbon Code.

IndiWoods is a registered Project Developer with the Woodland Carbon Code and can register your project for you.

IndiWoods is a registered Project Developer with the Woodland Carbon Code and can register your project for you.



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Suitable for all  DAERA Forest Expansion Schemes & Environmental Farming Scheme projects

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