About IndiWoods

A very wise man once said: “Anyone can make things difficult. It takes a genius to keep things simple.
Trees Are the Answer.”

Here at IndiWoods, we couldn’t agree more and that’s why we do what we do.

We have secured Forest Service funding and Woodland Trust funding for private clients right across Northern Ireland.

We aim to plant native Irish seed source where possible and our trees are Irish sown and grown.

There are several benefits and opportunities of taking up this scheme whether you’re a large estate owner or a smallholding with a few acres.

Clients reasons include;
  • Farm diversification
  • To produce timber
  • Attract bees for pollination
  • To reduce stock numbers on the farm
  • To earn an income from the land
  • To create a glamping site
  • To grow fuel as an alternative to burning fossil fuels
  • To improve the overall environment which we share
  • To make better use of uphill land
  • To reduce the negative impact of flooding
  • To create new habitats for owls, otters, birds, mammals and deer
  • To register your project for carbon credits

Small Woodland Grant Scheme &
Forest Expansion Scheme

You may have received your SWGS offer letter or eagerly awaiting it over the next month or so, but when you do, what do you do next?

Here is a Top 10 guide to navigating the planting season.

  1. Carefully read though your offer letter, ensuring you have the right field and correct length of fencing
  2. Accept the offer letter "On Line" via Gov Gateway - you only have 14 days to do this or it will expire
  3. If you are self planting, order your trees and guards now to ensure supply - click through to IndiWoods Tree Shop for all your needs.  Trees are in bundles of 50 so round up or down.
  4. To guard or not to guard? If you have rabbits or hares, I strongly recommend you guard as they can do a lot of damage and you will be required to re stock any failures.  Guards also give your trees a boost.
  5. Think about weeding - spot spray, hand weeding or mulching - the forest service  expect you to weed your trees in the early years.
  6. Think Design - plan your tracks, meandering paths, views, residents, power cables / services, open glades if required - you have up to 20% open space to accommodate this.
  7. Fencing - prepare where this is to go and think about for machinery access in winter months
  8. Ground Preparation - Really important - make sure the land is clear and ready for planting - keep your grass grazed as long as possible and top / mulch rushes whilst the land is dry.  This may not be possible in wetter months.
  9. Dont forget to claim your grant on your SAF form in May.
  10. Alternatively, email your SWGS contract and map to and we will do the whole project for you.