Tree Planting Grants

The Process

We do all of the hard work for our Landowners. It’s a simple Six Step Process for the Forest Expansion Scheme.

1. Contact
Landowners contact Carolyn for a consultation which includes a background check on the land.

2: Consultation
Carolyn meets with the Landowner to discuss options and elgibility of the grants.

3: Application
Carolyn compiles the application on behalf of Landowners which includes a five year management plan and full costings

4: Submission
The application is submitted before August 2021 deadline – there is only ONE deadline this year!

5: Grant Announcement
Applicants find out whether they have been successful usually by December 2020

6: Tree Planting
From December 2021 to end of May 2022 the planting of the woodlands will take place and claims submitted