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If you are looking where to buy trees for your tree planting scheme in Northern Ireland, look no further! Please browse our range of native trees, hedging and tree guards.

All trees sold are Bare Root and available from December to April. Supply is subject to stock levels. Where possible, all trees are Native Irish - sown and grown. All prices shown are exclusive of VAT
Delivery Charge: £20 plus VAT within BT postcode areas only.  Please contact us for shipping costs to the Republic of Ireland.
Collections: Due to Covid restrictions we will contact you directly to arrange this. The collection will be from Armagh City area.
Please understand that all trees are picked for your order, therefore please allow up to 14 days for your order to reach you.  We will keep in contact once your order has been placed.
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IndiWoods Tree Shop - Tree Guards

IndiWoods Tree Shop - Spiral Tree Guards 75cm - supplied with 90cm cane

Spiral Tree Guards 75cm - supplied with 90cm cane

The Rainbow Tree Spiral is a low cost protection for young trees such as standards, seedling transplants and single stem hedge plant varieties against browsing animals such as rabbit and hare.

Price: from 45p per unit

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IndiWoods Tree Shop - Spiral Tree Guards 60cm - supplied with 90cm cane

Spiral Tree Guards 60cm - supplied with 90cm cane

 A major benefit in using the Tree Spiral is their ability to grow with the trees as they mature. Its overlap design avoids the risk of strangulation of the tree and also offers protection against the use of chemicals. This spiral also protects against rabbits.

Price: from 37p per unit

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IndiWoods Tree Shop - Trees

IndiWoods Tree Shop - Crab Apple (malus sylvestris)

Crab Apple (Malus Slvestris)

Small tree which provides birds and insects with an abundance of small apples in the summer. Perfect for hedgerows and heavy soils and areas of scrub land. Can live up to 100 years old and mature trees can reach 10m. Beautiful blossom in spring

Price: 60p per unit

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IndiWoods Tree Shop - Common Alder (Alnus Glutinosa)

Common Alder (Alnus Glutinosa)

Common in wet ground, marshes and stream-sides. Rounded leaves are light green. Flowers green catkins (Feb - March) that become black when ripened a year later. Fast growing. Grows to max of 20m. The leaves have shallow irregular teeth and remain on the tree quite late in autumn when they shed and fall.

Price: 50p per unit

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IndiWoods Tree Shop - Common Birch (Betula Pubescens)

Common Birch (Betula Pubescens)

Common in damper soils  and can even tolerate waterlogged and peaty areas. Young branches are bigger than silver birch, has grey bark often covered with lichen and moss. Slower growing than silver birch. The leaves are oval with a pointed tip and finely serrated margin. A straight tall tree with dropping branches growing 20 metres plus.

Price: 50p per unit

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IndiWoods Tree Shop - Silver Birch (Betula Pendula)

Silver Birch (Betula Pendula)

Fast growing pioneer species which can be used to improve soil quality for other trees to grow through its deep tap roots.  Can reach heights of 30 metres tall and forms a light airy canopy with elegant dropping branches.  The silver name comes from the bark which is white and sheds layers like tissue paper. Thrives in dry woodlands and heath land and plays host to over 300 species of insects.

Price: 50p per unit

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IndiWoods Tree Shop - Wild Cherry (Prunus Avium)

Wild Cherry (Prunus Avium)

The Wild Cherry is a deciduous tree that needs a lot of light and is susceptible to frost damage in spring. They produce white flowers in May and red berries in autumn which is the perfect food for birds as they can be quite bitter.  Can grow up to 30m tall and live for 60 years. Best grown in sunny spots and fertile soils.

Price: 50p per unit - LOW IN STOCK

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IndiWoods Tree Shop - Hazel (Corylus Avellana)

Hazel (Corylus Avellana)

A small tree or shrub which is often coppiced but if left to grow can reach 12 metres and live for over 80 years – if coppiced it can live for hundreds of years.  Hazel is commonly found in hedgerows or as part of the understory in Oak and Ash Woodland.

Price: 80p per unit

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IndiWoods Tree Shop - Holly (Ilex Aquifolium)

Holly (Ilex Aquifolium)

It is one of the few native broadleaf evergreen trees. Holly is very suitable for gardens as a specimen tree or hedge. Holly trees are either male or female so it is worth planting a few together as only the females produce berries. If planted as a tree, the Holly can grow up to 15 m tall and live for 300 years.  Dark glossy leaves with prickly edges and are traditionally collected in winter to decorate homes for Christmas.

Price: £2 per unit

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IndiWoods Tree Shop - Oak Common (Quercus Robur) (native)

Oak Common (Quercus Robur) (native)

Large deciduous tree which grows between 20 and 40 metres tall.  It is hardy with broad spreading crowns with sturdy branches beneath. Growth is quicker in the trees younger years but slows once it reaches approx 120 years.  The Common Oak can live 300 years plus and can tolerate both well drained and heavy soils. Host to hundreds of species of insects, birds and mammals. Produces Acorns after 40 years.

Price: 55p per unit

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IndiWoods Tree Shop - Oak Sessile (Quercus Petraea)

Oak Sessile (Quercus Petraea)

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The official national tree of Ireland, the Sessile Oak can grow 20-40 m tall and has mature spreading crown with sturdy branches.  Commonly found in hilly regions, plays host to over 280 species of insect which provides food for birds and mammals. Perfect woodland tree for the upper canopy.

Price: 55p per unit

IndiWoods Tree Shop - Scots Pine (Pinus Sylvestris)

Scots Pine (Pinus Sylvestris)

The only truly native pine to the UK, the Scots Pine is widely planted around the country.  Mature trees are domed and often have bare lower branches. It has blue-green needles that are paired and can grow up to 35m and live for up to 700 years. Thrives in heathland.

Price: 50p per unit

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IndiWoods Tree Shop - Guelder Rose (Viburnum Opulus)

Guelder Rose (Viburnum Opulus)

It is a highly attractive native shrub found in hedgerows and woodlands. White flowers are followed by red berries in the autumn. The foliage turns various shades of red and orange to add to the stunning autumn display.

Price: £1 per unit

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IndiWoods Tree Shop - Rowan (Sorbus Aucuparia) Mountain Ash

Rowan (Sorbus Aucuparia) Mountain Ash

A small deciduous tree. Leaves are divided into 5-10 leaflets; they are long and narrow in shape. Common in upland and waterlogged areas. A bountiful display of red berries in the autumn perfect for wildlife and a good source of vitamin C for humans. Can grow up to 15 metres and can live for up to 200 years old.

Price: 50p per unit - LOW IN STOCK

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IndiWoods Tree Shop - Hedging

Environmental Farming Scheme enquiries - please email with metres of hedging required and species breakdown for quote.
IndiWoods Tree Shop - Blackthorn (Prunus Spinosa)

Blackthorn (Prunus Spinosa)

A shrub with long sharp thorns often found in hedgerows. It stands out in early spring with masses of white flowers which appear before the leaves. It grows in a wide variety of soils with the exception of very wet conditions. Good for growing sloe berries.

Price: 50p per unit

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IndiWoods Tree Shop - Whitethorn (Crataegus Monogyna)

Whitethorn (Crataegus Monogyna)

Our most common hedgerow plant. It puts on a stunning display of white flowers in spring and red berries in Autumn. Is also suited to forming stock proof hedges.

Price: 35p per unit

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