Forestry And Woodland Management - Carolyn Trimble, Director of Northern Ireland’s IndiWoods

Twenty-five Years Experience In Forestry And Woodland Management

Carolyn Trimble, Director of Northern Ireland’s IndiWoods Ltd, has over twenty-five years of experience in forestry and woodland management. Indiwoods specialises in securing funding for farmers and landowners who wish to plant native woodland on their land.

Originally from the North of England, Carolyn moved to Northern Ireland eighteen years ago, bringing IndiWoods with her. She has planted millions of trees during her career, making a positive difference wherever she goes. Whether a tiny half-hectare for a local landowner or farmer or a 50-hectare mountain in Kilkeel (Aughrim), Carolyn is dedicated to sourcing native Irish trees and planting woodlands for the future.

Passionate about IndiWoods, Carolyn stated:

“Trees and woodlands are crucial for this generation and the next, something we could take for granted. We look at our countryside and enjoy its mature trees and hedgerows, but we have to remember: if our ancestors hadn’t had the vision to plant them, we wouldn’t have them today. We are responsible for planting woodlands so future generations can enjoy beautiful trees and woodlands as we do.

Whatever the reason, trees and woodlands are an essential part of our life. Whether it be to enhance our countryside, encourage and promote wildlife and habitats, walk and enjoy and improve our mental health or provide shelter for our farm animals, fight against climate change and absorb carbon to reduce our carbon footprint, each is equally important.”

“As the days get shorter and colder, nature is telling us the planting season is just around the corner – make this the year you plant your woodland. The Forest Service Forest Expansion Scheme and Small Woodland Grant Scheme provide a fantastic opportunity for landowners to plant woodland on their land. These schemes will open again next summer for applications.” – says Carolyn.

In 2021, IndiWoods launched its Tree Shop, a friendly and easy-to-use online shop for anyone wishing to buy native Irish trees and tree guards for their projects – delivering throughout Northern Ireland.

The Tree Shop is now open for pre-season orders:

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