The Forest Expansion Scheme has been instrumental in the creation of new woodlands in Northern Ireland since its launch in 2015.

It has offered up to 100% grant funding to establish woodlands. It offers farmers an annual income for 10 years on land which has been in agricultural activity, in addition to Single Farm Payments.

Over 1,100,000 native Irish trees planted!

Taking a moment to re-cap on the past eight years, IndiWoods is proud to have achieved an impressive 100% success rate. All our client’s applications resulted in planting over 1,100,000 Irish trees through the Forest Expansion Scheme to date. This is equivalent to over 650 hectares of new native woodland in Northern Ireland across 72 projects. Projects range from 3 ha of small woodlands on farms and small holdings to a 50 ha mountain in Kilkeel (Aughrim), to Hazel’s Wood, one of NI’s largest native woodlands planted this winter in Coleraine with over 64,000 trees.

This could be the year you plant your woodland.

Every woodland has a story, and every woodland is important, larger or small. 2023 is the final year of the Forest Expansion scheme, and with funding still available to create many more woodlands, this could be the year you plant your woodland.

The driving factor throughout all 72 projects has been the demand for more trees in the countryside, with most clients wishing they had planted years ago. Reasons to plant include farm diversification, reducing stock numbers on the land, an alternative to con-acre, access and pathways to use and enjoy their woodland, sports opportunities such as Archery, shooting, glamping etc., better use of steep, wet or stony land, biosecurity, pollinators and purely the love of trees; the list is endless.

New larger woodlands may also be eligible for Carbon Credits!

As an added bonus, new larger woodlands may also be eligible for Carbon Credits – a financial incentive for long-term woodlands, of which IndiWoods is a registered Project Developer with the Woodland Carbon Code. The Forest Expansion Scheme will open in June, with a deadline in August for all new applications.

IndiWoods offers a professional, comprehensive service, including land assessment and grant applications, to planting and creating your woodland, taking care of the whole process. For all new enquiries, contact Carolyn Trimble – Director of IndiWoods, at