Tubex Ecowrap Tree Shelter Guard 60cm – Sold in Bundles of 50


From 75p each + VAT

60cm high for protection from rabbits.
50 per bundle
Includes 90cm cane for installation
Colour:  translucent
Tubex Ecowrap Tree Shelter Guard from IndiWoods is a twin wall tree guard with a vertical split that produces a natural overlap designed for young broadleaf trees. They are ideal for all our young broadleafs and those specified as part of the Small Woodland Grant Scheme.

They are quick and easy to install, naturally expanding as the tree grows to allow for side branches and expanding girth. A 90 cm cane supports Tubex Eco Wrap Tree Shelter Guard. Tubex Ecowrap retains moisture and heat around the tree, ensuring better survival rates.

The Tubex EcoWrap protects the plant from animals, such as voles, rabbits and hares, herbicides and some mechanical damage. The Eco wrap is translucent, maximising light transmission for photosynthesis. Our Tubex EcoWrap is made from polypropylene; the wrap is photodegradable, offering a minimum of 3 seasons of protection. Tubex collection and recycling programme available.

They are available in two sizes, 60cm x 40mm for protection from rabbits and 75cm x 40cm for protection from hares.

Easywraps Benefits

  • Cost-effective option to establish new woodlands
  • Quick and easy to install
  • No fixing or fastenings
  • Harder wearing & Tougher than Spirals
  • Diameters 40mm
  • Nests of 4
  • 400 per bundle
  • Translucent
  • Support with 90 cm Bamboo Cane
  • Perfect for DAERA Forest Service Forest Expansion Scheme, Small Woodland Grant Scheme & Environmental Farming Scheme

NOTE:  The plastic can be sharp when unravelling; therefore, it may be prudent to wear gloves.



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