Meet Carolyn at the Armagh Rare Breed Annual Show and Sale

ARMAGH’S Rare Breed Show and Annual Sale is such a fantastic day out and it’s popular with landowners who come to speak to Carolyn Trimble directly about the Forest Expansion Scheme.

IndiWoods is a woodland consultancy specialising in securing the government funding for farmers and landowners who wish to plant trees on their land. You don’t have to be farmer to apply.

The first deadline has passed so if you are serious about getting a 100 per cent funded woodland for your land – now is the time to act.

Carolyn has a 100 per cent success rate in securing grants for landowners and now it’s your opportunity to reap the rewards.

Carolyn, who owns IndiWoods, is a regular at the Rare Breed Show which takes place in the grounds of Gosford Forest Park on September 1. Not only is this a fantastic day out for families but it’s also your chance to talk directly to the woodland consultant who, last year, celebrated a special milestone having planted her one millionth tree in Northern Ireland.

IndiWoods has secured Forest Service funding and Woodland Trust funding for private clients right across Northern Ireland. We aim to plant native Irish seed source where possible and our trees are Irish sown and grown.

There are several benefits and opportunities of taking up this scheme whether you’re a large estate owner or a small holding with a few acres. Reasons include;

  • Farm diversification
  • To produce timber
  • Attract bees for pollination
  • To reduce stock numbers on the farm
  • To earn an income from the land
  • To create a glamping site
  • To grow fuel as an alternative to burning fossil fuels
  • To improve the overall environment which we share
  • To make better use of uphill land
  • To reduce the negative impact of flooding
  • To create new habitats for owls, otters, birds, mammals and deer

So as well as speaking with Carolyn you will get to see some of the amazing rare breed cattle, sheep and pigs being judged and prizes will be awarded for the best animals.

There will also be a show and sale of poultry. This particular event attracts some of the best quality breeding stock in Ireland and has buyers travelling from far and wide to purchase the lots. There will also be cattle and sheep sales including purebred and crossbred animals.

Young farmers will compete to see who is best at exhibiting their cattle, sheep or pig. The pig show will feature the largest entry of rare breed pigs in Northern Ireland and typical entries will include Large White, Saddleback, Tamworth and large Black pigs. There is always a sow and litter on display which is a major attraction in its own right!

Displays at the show typically include trade and craft stands, displays of spinning and felting and crook making. Rare breed meats will be available for sale direct from the farmers. A mobile shop will be on site selling rare breed branded items including stationery and tea towels.

So come along, enjoy the day, and, if you are a landowner, with at least five hectares, then this is your chance to join the growing community of landowners who are improving our countryside through the Forest Expansion Scheme in Northern Ireland.


Notes To Editor:

  • IndiWoods is a woodland consultancy specialising in securing government funding for farmers and landowners who wish to plant trees on their land.
  • For further information contact Eleanor McGillie of MGMPR Ltd on 028 3756 9569 | 07709805379